SSS Masternode Upgrade

SSS Masternode Upgrade 2.1.1

SSS Masternode Upgrade to latest daemons

You should be within the root folder of your VPS

[email protected]:~# bash
This script will update your SSS masternode daemon to version 2.1.1
WARNING: Running this script may require new masternode activation.
Press 1 for Install, 2 for Update or Ctrl+C to exit ... 2
Type 2 to Update

If Update fails, try option "1" to install

Do you want to install all needed updates and firewall settings (no if you did it before)? [y/n]:

Input "N"

This will fix any sync issues you may have been having.
Press 1 for Install, 2 for Skip...

Option "2" to skip

Is this the IP you wish to use for MasterNode ? [y/n]:

Input "Y"

Enter masternode private key for this node
Hint: you can get private key in QTWallet => Tools => Debug Console, open console and run command "createmasternodekey"
Insert the new Masternode Key:

Insert your "Masternode Key"

Your Masternode is now updated and after it's fully synced you can restart the node using your "Control" wallet

cd root/foldername/
./sssolutions-cli getinfo
./sssolutions-cli getmasternodestatus
systemctl status SSSolutions
systemctl restart SSSolutions